El más auténtico sabor de la comida Dominicana

The most authentic taste of Dominican food

Welcome to Costambar Parrillada y Lechonera
Costambar Parrillada y Lechonera Restaurant is a family-owned and operated restaurant serving the best traditional Dominican and Hispanic food. We are passionate about good food and a great ambiance. We care because every detail counts so that our food has the highest level of quality and flavor. At Costambar Parrillada y Lechonera Restaurant, you will discover our appreciation for traditional and fresh ingredients for an authentic meal. Join us at 298 Market Street, Paterson NJ to enjoy a magnificent Dominican and Hispanic meal for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

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We plan and cook every day so that you have a super delicious experience at every moment.

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Menu for every taste

Try our most popular dishes and discover what distinguishes Costambar Parrillada y Lechonera! Guaranteed high quality and rich flavor every time.

We are open for Dine In, Delivery, and Takeout... And ready to provide you with the best of services.
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We are open EVERYDAY TO: 8AM - 9PM