About Us

At Costambar Parrillada y Lechonera Restaurant you will provide you and your guests with a superlative gastronomic experience: exquisite food and unbeatable service.

For us, it is not just our job. It is what we love to do. At Costambar Parrillada y Lechonera Restaurant, there is nothing better than showing our love for others through our delicious food. We are never satisfied with what we know, we want to create new culinary experiences for ourselves and for those who enjoy our varied tasty dishes.

Costambar Parrillada y Lechonera Restaurant is a family-owned and operated restaurant serving the best traditional Dominican and Hispanic food. We are passionate about good food and a great ambiance. We care because every detail counts so that our food has the highest level of quality and flavor. 

At Costambar Parrillada y Lechonera Restaurant, you will discover our appreciation for traditional and fresh ingredients for an authentic meal. Join us at 298 Market Street, Paterson NJ to enjoy a magnificent Dominican and Hispanic meal for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.